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We are the Australian Directors Guild

The Australian Directors Guild (ADG) is a registered industry association representing the interests of film, television and digital media directors, documentary makers and animators throughout Australia.

We are a registered organisation under the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act 2009, representing Australian Directors who are employees.

After a long campaign over many years by its members, the Guild was registered on the 4th of March 2015.

ADG works to promote excellence in screen direction, to encourage communication and collaboration between directors and others in the industry and to provide professional support for its members.

ADG is proud to represent the key creative elements of the Australian independent production sector, and maintains its high profile in a cultural and policy role by addressing issues affecting the industry from a broad perspective.

Membership Benefits

For Student Members / Associate Members / Full Members:

  • Information, access and professional advice about industrial issues which affect directors – such as contracts and fees, including regular eNEWS and our Screen Director magazine
  • Access to ADG Recommended Directors Feature Film Agreement
  • Eligibility to enter the annual ADG Awards
  • Discounts on all ADG organised events including the ADG bi-annual Conference
  • Discounts on other guild memberships, at film industry business and industry events, selected cinemas, theatres, bookshops etc.
  • Waiving of the 10% ASDACS (Australian Screen Directors Authorship Collecting Society) membership fee on collection of royalties
  • Networking opportunities and connections with international Guilds

For Full Members only:

  • 1 hour free legal advice and if needed continuing legal advice from a qualified entertainment lawyer
  • Voting rights at annual AGM and eligibility to nominate for the ADG board

Image: Clayton Jacobson