BIRDIE_short film by Shelly Lauman_Maeve Dermody_Photo by Anna Howard
BIRDIE_short film by Shelly Lauman_Maeve Dermody_Photo by Anna Howard
The first film funded under the ADG Metro Screen Production Fellowship BIRDIE will premiere at the Melbourne International Film Festival on the 12 August 2018. 
Drawing on Metro Screen’s surplus funds following its closure, the Fellowships are designed to continue the work of Metro Screen in encouraging the ambition of
emerging filmmakers to contribute in a meaningful way to the diversity of screen culture.
The ADG Metro Screen Production Fellowship is one of two fellowships awarded each year to up and coming filmmakers. The Production Fellowships is for a director of a short film and is a grant of $20,000 towards its production. SHELLY LAUMAN was the recipient of the first grant for her film Birdie. It was one of 43 project submitted to the ADG. The other fellowship is an open fellowship for designed to support a filmmakers career development.
Birdie is the story of a casual gesture of friendliness which quickly spirals into a paralysing moment for a woman on a train. “
Birdie reflects Shelly’s work as an auteur filmmaker; she has made a haunting and visually stunning film through extreme attention to detail and nuanced direction. Made all the more powerful through a wonderful cast and a crew of female heads of department at the top of their game, I am beyond proud of how Birdie looks, and furthermore what it says”,  said producer Lizzie Cater.
From Shelly Lauman: “The ADG/Metro Screen Production Fellowship has enabled me to continue a line of artistic inquiry that I began at film school. It was incredibly affirming to return home and enter into such a nurturing opportunity. Working with the ADG has been one of creative permission and support, in which I have felt my skills refine as I understand more and more what this art form requires of us. With BIRDIE, I have met collaborators that I know I will continue to work with throughout my career. Really, the whole experience has been just wonderful.”
Classically trained as an actor, Shelly comes to filmmaking after over a decade of work as performer and theatre-maker. Shelly earned her MFA in Directing at the American Film Institute Conservatory in Los Angeles and is the recipient of many prestigious awards for her short film work including the AFI Richard P Rogers Spirit of Excellence alumni award. Her graduating AFI thesis film, WOMAN OUTSIDE, has screened at numerous film festivals including Palm Springs International Short Fest, Odense International Film Festival, Rhode Island International Film Festival and the inaugural UN WOMEN Global Voices Film Festival in San Francisco, where it was awarded Best Dramatic Short Film. BIRDIE marks Shelly's first new work after returning to Australia and she is now in development for her first feature.
For more information please contact the ADG on 02 9555 7045.
For Birdie contact the producer Lizzie Cater on 041458785