ADG Membership is offered in three categories:

  • Full Membership (Experienced)
  • Full Membership (Emerging)
  • Associate Membership


Current ADG Members are able to log in using an email address and a chosen password. Through this membership portal, members can update contact information and login details; and access members-only resources.

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ADG Membership Levels




We have two types of Full Membership available to Directors, acknowledging the variation in working experience across the industry - Full Member (Experienced) and Full Member (Emerging).

Full Membership is open to any screen director with a minimum of twenty minutes of credited screen time. In the case of directors of music clips, advertising, animation and  online content, or any other medium where each work is of short duration, ADG takes a flexible attitude to the screen time requirement.

The only variation for eligibility across the two Full Member membership categories, is in regard to Credits (which speak directly to the applicant's industry experience).


Full Member (Experienced) - At least two credits in a directing role for feature, tv and/or online, or significant TVC or Games Platform credits.

Full Member (Emerging) - At least one short film, proof-of-concept, or music video screened publicly on a screen industry platform or as part of a screen industry festival.

Applications for both Full Member (Experienced) and Full Member (Emerging) must include a resume listing their credits and a reference from a screen industry practitioner for the ADG Board to review before they are invited to become Full Members of the ADG.

Full Member (underrepresented)The ADG is also offering 1 year free Full Membership to all underrepresented directors from cultural backgrounds such as Indigenous, people of colour, CaLD, LGBTQI+ and people with a disability, or who are disadvantaged by regional or low socio-economic circumstances.

The applicant must have at least one ‘directed by’ credit on short form content, Proof of Concept, Television Commercial or Music Video that has been screened publicly, or self-distributed with 1000 views.

To sign up for a free year full membership - please fill out your information here or share it with someone who might like to join - APPLY FOR FULL MEMBERSHIP

All applications for Full Membership shall be assessed by the ADG Board as quickly as possible.



Associate Membership is open to all individual, industry professionals working in any area of film and television production and those interested in, and wishing to be a part of, the aims and objectives of the Australian Directors' Guild. Associate membership is also open to emerging filmmakers who have not yet acquired their twenty-minute screen time required to join as a Full Member (Emerging).


NOTE:  Associate (Retired) Membership

Associate (Retired) Membership of the ADG is available for Screen Directors above 60-years-old who are no longer actively contracted or working as screen directors. We would like to extend the full benefits list afforded to our Full Members (Experienced) to Associate (Retired) Members.

ADG Membership Benefits


Benefits For Associate Members:


  • Information, access and professional advice about industrial issues

  • Regular promotions and giveaways in our E-news, Facebook page, Instagram and Screen Director e-zine

  • Eligibility* to enter the annual ADG Awards

  • Networking opportunities

  • Connections with international directors' guilds

  • Discounts on all ADG-organised and affiliate events & workshops

  • Discounts at film industry business and industry events, selected cinemas, theatres, bookshops etc.


    * Eligibility to different categories of the ADG Awards is dependent on membership level


Benefits For Full Members (Emerging):


All of the above benefits as well as:


  • Voting rights at annual AGM (Annual General Meeting)

  • Access to industrial and legal advice for individual directors (1 hour free legal advice)

  • Waiving of the 10% ASDACS (Australian Screen Directors Authorship Collecting Society) membership fee on collection of royalties

  • Access to Directors' Agreement Templates and Deal Points

  • Access to IR resources including Rate Cards and Codes of Practice

  • Mentoring opportunities with Experienced Full Members

  • Automatic entry into the ADG Attachment/Shadow Directing pool


Benefits For Full Members (Experienced):


All of the above benefits as well as:


  • Eligibility to nominate for the ADG Board

  • Right to participate on policy sub-committees to develop agreements, rate cards, etc.

  • Opportunity to be a policy advocate, representing the ADG in government and internationally

  • E-news features

  • Mentor to emerging directors

ADG Membership Fees


New Australian Directors’ Guild (ADG) Membership Fees

The Australian Directors’ Guild is calling for everyone in the industry - screen directors, those who aspire to be screen directors, and those who want to support the directing community, to take this opportunity to join the ADG.


Production Levy


The ADG Production Levy is a legitimate budget item, and is eligible for QAPE under the Producer Offset. The levy is inclusive in the standard A-Z Screen Australia budget as SPA / ADG levy as a separate item under the finance/marketing section.

Benefits for Directors

  • Complimentary membership for the year the levy is received
  • Complimentary entry into ADG Awards (all eligible categories)
  • Promotion of production and screenings in ADG eNEWS
  • Featured Production report in eNEWS

ADG Production Levy

0.25% of production budget exclusive of indirect costs (Finance, Insurance, Legals, brokerage, marketing) payable on first day of principal photography. Legitimate expense listed in Screen Australia A-Z budget form is eligible for QAPE under the Producer Offset.

Membership application is governed by ADG Membership Policy (for a copy of our up-to-date policy, please contact the ADG via email: