The Australian Directors' Guild is a registered organisation under the Fair Work (registered Organisations) Act 2009. It was registered on the 4 March 2015 after more than 30 years of support for directors in Australia. The registration allows the ADG to represent directors at the Fair Work Commission and negotiate agreements on their behalf. This includes input into the Broadcast Recorded Entertainment Award (BREA) and the negotiation of agreements on behalf of directors. The ADG will be negotiating a number of agreements over the next two years on behalf of directors in TV drama, feature films and factual. 

The ADG has a number of committees who act on behalf of members in all negotiations. These committees include TV Drama, Feature Film, Television Commercials and Documentary. All agreements that the ADG enter into are endorsed by the full membership base. The ADG is also part of the International Association of English Speaking Directors Organisations which include the Directors Guild of America, Directors Guild of Canada, Directors and Editors Guild of New Zealand, UK Directors and the Directors Guild of Ireland. 

BREA review


The Broadcasting and Recording Entertainment Award (BREA) is currently under its 4 yearly review by the Fair Work Commission. You can review the BREA in its current form and access information about the review on the Fair Work Commission website here

External Links: Fair Work Commission

3Rs Campaign 


Respect, Rights and Remuneration. These are the 3 Rs which are the basis for the ADG campaign. The campaign aims to improve the working conditions of Australian directors across all genres, but especially in TV drama production.

"The ADG is launching the 'Respect, Rights and Remuneration' campaign for directors in all genres but especially in a world where the demand for high quality television production has meant the role of the director is crucial in ensuring the success of new show that are targeting an international marketplace,"  - CEO, Kingston Anderson