Saturday, 26 October 2019 10:00AM AEST

Sunday, 27 October, 2019 4:00PM AEST

Wide Angle Tasmania - 6 Washington St, South Hobart

A two-day masterclass for emerging and professional Directors and Writers who want to understand and explore the relationship between a Writer and a Director.
The ADG has partnered with the AWG & Screen Tasmania for a Masterclass dedicated to Screen Directors and Writers which will take place in South Hobart, Tasmania. The concept behind the workshop is to look at the relationship between the Director and the Writer to encourage more collaborations between the two, and also giving the Directors an opportunity to focus on the main part of their craft, directing.
Under the guidance of Samantha Lang, President of the ADG, Director 'It All Started With A Sandwich' and Emma Jensen Writer 'I Am Woman', 'Mary Shelley', masterclass participants will be taken through the key aspects of being part of a collaborative team. 
This will include a speed dating event where Directors and Writers will have time to meet other participants and their projects, to then decide on a team with which to collaborate. From there they will then work together building their concepts/ projects/ pitches with the support of the Guest Director and Guest Writer. 
On the second workshop day,  the participants in their teams will present their pitches, which will then be followed by a feedback session. 
DATE: Saturday 26 October & Sunday 27 October
TIME: 10am - 4pm
VENUE: Wide Angle Tasmania - 6 Washington St, South Hobart
ADG & AWG  Members           $100
Non - Members                     $150
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For further information about the workshop please call the ADG office (02) 9555 7045 Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm or email chantelle@adg.org.au. Payment for this workshop is to be paid no later than Wednesday 23 October.